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Condensation reaction in nucleic acids

( DOI ) Prucek R, Panáek A, Soukupová J, Novotn R, Kvítek L: Reproducible synthesis of silver colloidal particles tailored for application in near-infrared surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy.
( DOI ) Fargaová A, Balzerová A, Prucek R, Htoutou Sedláková M, Bogdanová K, Gallo J, Kolá M, Ranc Václav, Zboil R: Detection of Prosthetic Joint Infection Based on Magnetically Assisted Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Anal.Phys., 139(16 164104, 2013.Phys., 55(7 803-811, 2005.( DOI ) Otyepka M, Sklenovsk P, Horinek D, Kuba T, Hobza P: How the Stabilization of INK4 Tumor Suppressor 3D Structure Evaluated by Quantum Chemical and Molecular Mechanics Calculations Corresponds Well with Experimental Results: Interplay of Association Enthalpy, Entropy, and Solvation Effects.Lett., 11(10 1-9, 2016.( DOI ) Miglierini M, Kauch T, vec P, Krenick T, Vjtek M, Zboil R: Magnetic microstructure of nanoperm-type nanocrystalline alloys.The cycle follows: 1) deprotection, 2) condensation, 3) sulfurization (with tetd, tetraethylthiuran disulfide in ACN and 4) capping, with appropriate draining and washing in between each of the four steps.Luminescence, 21(4 239-244, 2006.The fluid dispensing system also includes a plurality of fluid dispensers 540, each dispenser adapted to dispense an amount of fluid.Nucleic Acids Res., 45(13 80468063, 2017.5,288,514 (Ellman hydroxystillbenes, urea linked diamines, phosphonic acid esters, beta-turn mimetics, pyrazoles, isoxazoles, miconazole analogs, aminoproline analogs, piperazinediones, hydantoins using a carbamate linker, 1-phenyl-pyrazolones, imidazoles, beta-lactams, pyrrolidines, quinolones, thiazolidines, pyridines, pyridopyryimidines, carbolines, hetrocyles, piperazines, polyazacyclophanes, quinolines and tertiary amines.Patent 2,194,176 (Nicholson.S.( DOI ) Berka K, Otyepka M: Insenstivity to Close Contacts and Inability to Predict Protein Foldability.Chem., 255(3 529-533, 2003.( DOI ) Herchel R, indelá Z, Trávníek Z, Zboil R, Vano J: Novel 1D chain Fe(III)-salen-like complexes involving anionic heterocyclic N-donor ligands.( DOI ) Trouillas P, Sancho-García JC, De Freitas V, Gierschner J, Otyepka M, Dangles O: Stabilizing and Modulating Color by Copigmentation: Insights from Theory and Experiment.Chem., 78, 217-224, 2014.Colloid Interface Sci., 360(2 574-579, 2011.( DOI ) Zboil R, Malá M, Machala L, Walla J, Barcova K, Martinec P: Characterization and Thermal Behaviour of Garnets from AlmandinePyrope Series at 1200C.
( DOI ) Hrbá J, Halouzka V, Zboil R, Papadopoulos K, Triantis T: Carbon Electrodes Modified by Nanoscopic Iron(III) Oxides to Assemble Chemical Sensors for the Hydrogen Peroxide promo macbook indonesia Amperometric Detection.

( DOI ) Gallo J, Panáek A, Prucek R, Kriegova E, Hradilová S, Hobza M, Holinka M: Silver Nanocoating Technology in the Prevention of Prosthetic Joint Infection.
RSC Adv., 7, 2017.