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Reduce kaspersky memory usage

My desktop has only 256RAM.
So, i again installed the antivirus version but I dont see much difference.
What Antivirus Program Is The Best For A Computer?But I cant rely on other antivirus softwares because their detection rate suck.What Is A Good Antivirus/antispyware Software For A Laptop?I previously used the antivirus version and it didnt use that much memory as much as the internet security version doesn.Im using Kaspersky in both my laptop and desktop.Related posts: How To Install Kaspersky In An Infected Laptop?What Is The Best Antivirus For A Netbook That Has Windows Xp Home?I cant do anything else if I open 2 application.(believe me, Im an antivirus pro).What should I do now?What Is The Best Antivirus For A Laptop?Slow PC s and when we remote in the PC is maxed out on memory or CPU due to kaspersky.I would like to know whether this usage is normal and is there a way by which I can reduce the physical memory used by, kaspersky.Kaspersky idée petit cadeau noel a fabriquer Is So Much Memory In.#14Juillet #FêteNationale #France #BastilleDay #HappyBastilleDay #Bleu #Blanc #Rouge #Blue #White #Red #Beach #Plage #Vintage #Retro #JesusChrist #Christ #Blogueuse #BlogBeaute #Blog #FrenchBlogger #OnlineShop #BlogueuseMode #Summer #InstaLove #Love #PhotoOfTheDay #GraphicDesign #Graphisme #OHRendezVousBoutique.
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#18 - avec des plumes colorées et une jolie ficelle.
#IMtestigo #IpaglabanMo Abangan bukas si @ntos sa mga sumusunod na programa para makisaya at imbitahan kayong lahat manood ng #IMtestigo!
#12 - un emballage cadeau pour les gourmands!